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P2P Software Information

Sometimes it can take long before the channel starts, this is because of the amount of connections that WINDOWS XP  allows you.

 You can easy help this by using 1 of the 3 options, the first 3 are a download of a external program, easy and fast.

Unzipp it and change 10 to 50 .Just follow the instructions of the program and it's gonna be alright . This is working perfect for me and many others, but we don't take any responsibility if it goes wrong. For us all programs are working better now.

  •  If you got PPMate on your PC, it's easier: Startup PPMate. 

With Version 1 .7.33 -->  Click right mouse on the PPMate Icon --> TCP/IP Patch or select it from Options. With the new Beta Version 2.0.0.x --> run XP TCP patch under "tools". 

Now all P2P programs will run faster and the loading/buffering will also go faster.



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