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TvAnts(TV Ants) is a new stream-media player whose corn technology is similar to BT (Bit Torrent). In fact it is a University project and its logic is similar to peer cast except that it operates a lot better. Connections are established a lot faster and there are wide ranges of TV programs that you can pick from. Presently this product is on test and sometimes seems unstable. But once improved it should be popular extensively.


1. High quality ESPN channel with full English commentary;
2. Share live streams, not files;
3. The installer for TVAnts is in English;
4. Free from registry charge and system file charge;
5. Data operated in memory cache do no damage to harddisk.

How to use:

1. Download TVAnts
2. Double click the installer icon to install.
3. The installer for TVAnts is in English. Just follow the install guide which will lead you to finish your installation.
4. After a short time TVAnts will be installed, press Finish to exit the installer.
5. If you have a firewall, on first running a security alert will appear. Make sure that you allow TVAnts internet access.
6. To play a channel double click on it. The media player will then appear and TVAnts will start buffering the channel.
7. TVants will automatically start the Media player when the buffer data reaches 90% or above.
Note: When downloading TVAnts it is best to remember that it may be hosted on a Chinese server.


Download 1 (officialy from TVAnts Server)

Mirror 1 / Mirror 2




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